Long Lake Classic

This year was our 5th year holding the Long Lake Classic out of Willow Bay. As usual, the fishing was excellent and many big bags were brought to the scales. This edition had 35 boats and we raised $525 for Camp Goodtimes.


Taking first place was the team of Andy Gemmill and Bryan Mcmannis with a two day total of 46.57lbs. They had 25.94 and backed it up with 20.63 on Day 2. They won $1,578 for their finish.

Team Norisada

Second place was John and Jason Norisada with a two-day total of 43.34 with bags of 24.80 and 18.54. They won $1,001 for 2nd place.

Groskreutz and McClure

Third was JasonGroskreutz and Derick McClurewith 34.42. They won $385 for their finish.

4th – Brett Lauderdale and Tony Day with 32.51 and $308.

5th -Scott Inman and Mark Bodziong 32.44 and $231

6th – Brice Prigan and Brett Nine 32.24 and $192

7th -Michael Allen and Cameron Bowman with 28.73lbs and $154

Big Bass of the event was 7.95 for Wes Henry and Tyler Brinks, good for $350.

PlaceBoaterNon-BoaterDay 1Day 2Big FishTotal WeightPayout
1Andrew GemmillBryan Mcmannis25.9420.635.7446.57$1578
2Jason NorisadaJohn Norisada24.8018.546.5443.34$1001
3Jason GroskreutzDerick McClure19.2015.225.5134.42$385
4Brett LauderdaleTony Day14.3818.134.7332.51$308
5Scott InmanMark Badziong19.5712.875.2232.44$231
6Brice PriganBrett Nine18.2713.975.5232.24$192
7Michael AllenCameron Bowman18.759.986.4128.73$154
8Wes HenryTyler Brinks16.6112.107.9528.71$350 Big Bass
9Bobby ForsterJohn Thrasher16.6611.214.8427.87
10Jim LouieJared Louie16.0511.584.2127.63
11Justin CarlileKevin Carlile12.6512.4625.11
12Shawn BongersJesse Brown13.609.296.0222.89
13Chris AkinsCameron Akins12.3510.2522.60
14Kasey KimbleGordy McGlynn10.1111.814.6121.92
15Dan RiceBroc Allen13.947.775.0121.71
16Jesse HuenergardtJason Huenergardt10.6810.7421.42
17TJ MerrellDanny Pecka6.9813.915.4320.89
18Adam NewmanScott Gerwitz13.117.6520.76
19Adam ReidJoe Choiniere10.089.083.7519.16
20Robert LarsonScott Sevigny11.577.1518.72
21Phil BerkelWyatt Berkel14.863.414.2018.27
22Jeremy WhitneyJeremy Shoemaker17.43017.43
23Darren TaborCraig Dunlap7.1210.2117.33
24Noah WhittenConrad VanDevender11.904.414.0916.31
25Erik KunoChris Dunn8.137.4915.62
26Raudy JenkinsRebecca Jenkins15.30015.30
27Allen KrantKeith Wycoff8.535.9014.43
28Brian EllensonGarrett Ellenson7.033.7210.75
29Anthony CampbellAdam Christian10.15010.15
30Zac WagnerJosh Haun9.2409.24
31Jason HoffmanMike Hoffman9.1209.12
32Kurt SouthTom Huenergard8.068.06
33Willie MusteredJeff Noble7.8907.89
34Donny BiagiBrian Biagi5.9005.90
35Edwin StretchJoe Hanley5.8705.87

2016 Results  
Our 4th Annual Long Lake Classic was held on May 15th and 16th out of Willow Bay.  This year’s event had 29 boats and 10% of entry fees will be donated to the Baskets for Babies charity. We raised $435 for them!  For more information about the charity and what they do, please visit their website.

Day 1 was very windy and Day 2 was rainy and much colder than it has been over the past few weeks. Even still, there were some big largemouth and smallmouth brought to the scales.

Taking first was Adam Newman and Scott Gerwitz.  They led after the first day by catching 20.63lbs and added 16.73lbs on the second day for a two day total of 37.46lbs.  They caught mostly largemouth, but also had some solid smallmouth including a 5+lb fish on the first day.  They took home $1,340 and an extra $145 for the big bass on the second day, a 5.96lb largemouth.

Adam Newman and Scott Gerwitz

Adam Newman and Scott Gerwitz

Second place was the team of Jason and Mike Hoffman.  They weighed just 10.53 on the first day, but caught the biggest bag of the event on the second day. Their 22.04lb bag of all largemouth gave them a two day total of 32.57lbs. They won $861 for their finish.

Jason and Mike Hoffman

Jason and Mike Hoffman

Third place was Wes Henry and Tyler Brinks. They had a two day total of 31.62lbs. They brought in 12.20 on the first day and 19.46 on the second day.  They won $351 for their finish.

Tyler Brinks and Wes Henry

Tyler Brinks and Wes Henry

Fourth was Raudy Jenkins and Neal Franklin Jr. with a total of 30.71lbs. They won $287.

Fifth was Scott Inman and Mark Badziong with 30.47lbs. They won $191.

Sixth was Josh Haun and Zac Wagner with 27.74lbs. They won $160.

Lance Fairbanks caught the biggest bass of the event on the first day. A 6.49lb bass that won him $145 and a trophy for his great catch.


Lance Fairbanks

More photos can be found on our Facebook page. Thanks again to everyone for supporting this event. See you next year!

Complete Results

PlaceBoaterNon-BoaterDay 1Day 2Big FishTotal WeightPayout
1Adam NewmanScott Gerwitz20.6316.7337.46$1,340 + $145 Day 2 Big Bass
2Jason HoffmanMike Hoffman10.5322.045.1232.57$861
3Wes HenryTyler Brinks12.2019.4631.62$351
4Raudy JenkinsNeal Franklin, Jr. 12.3118.404.7830.71$287
5Scott InmanMark Badziong10.4420.0330.47$191
6Josh HaunZac Wagner13.6214.1227.74$160
7Donny BiagiDylan Biagi8.0617.404.1625.46
8Jason JonesSteven White11.7612.8824.64
9Steve KrestianHerbie Shepperson10.8711.2322.10
10Keith ClerLance Fairbanks9.2811.856.4920.68$145 Day 1 Big Bass
11Willie MusteredLevi Anderson9.629.6319.25
12Dan RiceBob Trukositz17.561.6219.02
13Jesse HuenzrgardtJason Huenzrgardt7.1311.8518.98
14Broc AllenJim Dorn7.4711.224.9218.69
15Allen KrantKeith Wycoff10.047.8917.93
16Scott DickinsonSeth Watkins9.807.7617.56
17Erik KundChris Zalud6.9310.0717.00
18Jeremy LeclaireRyan Holzapple5.3210.2015.52
19Ron HiseKris Sneye6.838.5815.41
20John ThrasherMax Thrasher7.226.284.3013.50
21Joshua ThomasRay Boswell5.404.9110.31
22Chris AkinsCameron Akins5.384.8010.18
23Erick MorrisRobert Leone6.003.312.589.31
24Dan ConrathGary Morris7.8307.83
25Jeff LorenzenArun Diedrich6.6406.64
26Jesse BrownJosh Kinney6.3306.33
27Tom HuengardJoe Schrantz5.4205.42
28Kasey KimbleJeff Klymann4.6404.64
29Ian OldenburgDawson Lack000


2015 Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 3rd Annual Long Lake Classic presented by Spokane Valley Marine. We had 36 teams enter this event, the third annual charity tournament. This year we chose to support Baskets for Babies and raised $540 for this great charity!

For more information about them please visit their website.

This year was the first year where there were no restrictions on how many largemouth each team could bring to the scales and the results showed. The first day there were three bags over 20lbs and multiple weights in the high teens.

Taking first was the team of Justin Cox and Ben Schilling with a two day total of 39.16lbs. Their first day bag weighed an amazing 29.05lbs! They also took the big bass award with the 7.68lb largemouth they caught on the first day. They took home $1,584+$360 for the Big Bass prize.


Second was Andy Gemmill and Bryan McMannis with a two day total of 39.04lbs. They won $990 for their finish.


Third was Scott Inman and Mark Badziong with a two day total of 36.11lbs, taking home $396 for their finish.


Also receiving checks were:

4th Brett Lauderdale and Dave Edmondson, 35.50lbs and a check for $277.20

5th Jeremy Whitney and Jeremy Shoemaker, 34.83lbs and $237.60.

6th Darrel Startin and Troy Moody, 32.96lbs and $198

7th Jim Louie and Jared Louie, 31.81lbs and $158.40

8th Shawn Bongers and Todd Ryan, 31.67 and $118.80

More photos can be found on our Facebook page. Thanks again to everyone for supporting this event. See you next year!

PlaceBoaterNon-BoaterDay 1Day 2Big FishTotal WeightPayout
1Ben SchillingJustin Cox29.0510.117.6839.16$1,584+$360 Big Bass
2Andrew GemmillBryan McMannis22.5716.476.3139.04$990
3Scott InmanMark Badziong18.5217.595.1536.11$396
4Brett LauderdaleDave Edmondson18.3917.116.0635.50$277.20
5Jeremy WhitneyJeremy Shoemaker19.5215.316.2634.83$237.60
6Darrel StartinTroy Moody20.9412.024.2632.96$198
7Jim LouieJared Louie19.0612.754.5931.81$158.40
8Shawn BongersTodd Ryan14.6617.015.0531.67$118.80
9Bobby ForsterDavid Dunn12.6616.144.6128.80
10Michael AllenCamron Bowman17.8810.3828.26
11Brice PriganBret Nine10.1617.5727.73
12Jesse HuenzrgardtJason Huenzrgardt19.066.266.2425.32
13Keith WycoffAllen Krant12.247.1720.94
14Adam NewmanTony Day11.029.6820.20
15John ThrasherJason Groskreutz11.238.314.2319.54
16TJ MerrellDanny Pecka18.33018.33
17Donny SimpsonBen Burt8.469.0817.54
18Bob TrukositzDan Rice3.9012.6216.52
19Steve ReagorDustin Lanaville8.037.8115.84
20Chris WhittenNoah Whitten7.626.6914.31
21Raudy JenkinsCraig Dunlap13.12.993.7314.11
22Jeff LorenzenCameron Gilbert3.5610.5214.08
23Scott DickinsonSeth Watkins12.88012.88
24Anthony CampbellEwell Johnson12.46012.46
25Ian OldenburgTyler Garrett5.625.8911.51
26Jesse BrownDerick Mcclure9.7809.78
27Tyler BrinksWes Henry9.4209.42
28Robert ReidDonny Biagi8.3208.32
29Damon SmithJason Jones6.7505.846.75
30Keith ClerThad Schults6.1206.12
31Sean GolladayJohn Norisada6.106.10
32Justin DampDillon Damp5.4805.48
33Gary MorrisErick Morris3.8703.87
34Mark HaleyJoe Osborn3.5503.55
35Steven WhiteChris Zalud2.8802.88
36Herbie SheppersonSteve Krestian000




Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2nd Annual Long Lake Classic. We had 35 teams enter the event and paid out $3,850 to the top teams. This event is first and foremost a charity event and we were able to raise $525 for the Spokane Children’s Hospital camp Beats and Rhythms. For more information about them please visit their website.


Now on to the fishing itself. Looking at last year’s results compared to this year, the winning weight was nearly identical and .03lbs was the difference between this year and last year. There were many great bags of fish brought to the scales including a 22.50lb bag and also a 7.86lb big fish. Long Lake definitely proved why it is one of the best lakes in the area.


Taking first was the team of Jeremy Shoemaker and Jeremy Whitney with a two day total of 38.54. They were very consistent, bringing in 18.65 on Day 1 and 19.89 on Day 2. They had a total of 7 smallmouth and 3 largemouth over the two days and took home $1,578.50 for their win.


Second place was Jake Boomer and Jason Bryan with a two day total of 33.83. They made a great comeback on Day 2 with a 22.50lb bag to add to their 11.33 from Day 1. They brought home $1,001 for their finish.


Third Place was Andrew Gemmill and Bryan McMannis who were the defending champions for this event. They had a two day total of 32.95lbs (18.92 and 14.03). Their Day 1 bag included the big bass of the tournament a 7.86lb largemouth caught by McMannis. They brought home $385 for Third Place and an additional $350 for the big bass of the tournament.

Also receiving checks were:

Wes Henry and Tyler Brinks 32.68lbs and $308

Tim Tadlock and Bobby Forster 31.84lbs $231

Adam Newman and Tony Day 29.76lbs and $192.50

Tommy Lowe and John Norisada 27.08lbs $154.00

More photos can be found on our Facebook page. Thanks again to everyone for supporting this event. See you next year!

PlaceBoaterNon-BoaterDay 1Day 2Big FishTotal WeightPayout
1Jeremy ShoemakerJeremy Whitney18.6519.894.5438.54$1578.50
2Jake BoomerJason Bryan11.3322.504.9833.83$1001.00
3Andrew GemmillBryan McMannis18.9214.037.8632.95$385.00
4Wes HenryTyler Brinks14.8117.875.1232.68$308.00
5Tim TadlockBobby Forster13.3118.535.0831.84$231.00
6Adam NewmanTony Day17.5312.2329.76$192.50
7Tommy LoweJohn Norisada18.338.7527.08$154.00
8Michael GarciaScott Gerwitz11.6514.716.5426.36
9Jesse HuenzrgardtJason Huenzrgardt14.8111.5326.34
10Scott InmanBodziong14.7411.493.7326.23
11Brice PriganBret Nine18.647.5026.14
12Blake LesherSteve Lebsack11.5114.436.7525.94
13Todd RyanShawn Bongers15.1710.094.9225.26
14Brett LauderdaleDave Edmundson15.519.5625.07
15Michael AllenCamron Bowman17.606.4424.04
16Donny SimpsonAnthony Campbell12.639.934.6722.56
17Lance RaganJosh Ragan9.6611.7021.36
18TJ MerrellDanny Pecka10.259.6519.90
19Bob TrukositzDan Rice11.124.9116.03
20Michael Heady8.057.0415.09
21Jeff LorenzenCameron Gilbert14.634,6114.63
22Darrick BosLeon R. Williams III11.6111.61
23Steve KrestianSteve Reagor11.2211.22
24Robert LarsonScott Sevigny10.9710.97
25Eric KinneyJesse Brown10.5510.55
26Zac WagnerRandy Webster9.519.51
27Justin CoxBen Shilling 9.309.30
28Raudy JenkinsChad Reisewauer8.725.558.72
29Keith WycoffAllen Krant8.368.36
30Tanya BrinksHeather Stiegelmeyer8.198.19
31John ThrasherThurmon Harper8.038,03
32Bruce SukoJosh Kilmer6.756.75
33Scott PiazzaSheela Standley
34Dale WilliamsBlake Williams
35Jerry RasmussenAndy Rasmussen

2013 Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 1st Annual Long Lake Classic. It was a successful event and we are looking forward to the next one. We raised $315 for the Spokane Children’s Hospital and their camp, Beats and Rhytms. For more information about this program, visit their website.

beatsFor more photos from the event, please check out our Facebook page.

PlaceBoaterNon-BoaterDay 1Day 2Big FishTotal WeightPayout
1Andrew GemmillBryan McMannis17.4121.105.5138.51$1039.50
2Brett LauderdaleDave Edmonson16.1015.864.4731.96$577.50
3Justin CoxBen Shilling15.79
4Bobby ForesterJim Louie13.7517.214.9930.96$231.00
5Wes HenryTyler Brinks13.8116.944.4630.75$115.50
6Adam NewmanTony Day12.8413.574.2226.41
7Jeremy ShoemakerJeremy Whitney16.0710.1626.23
8Brice PriganBret Nine13.0111.044.5624.05
9Mike AllenCamron Bowman8.6715.064.8623.73
10Steve KrestianBrian Krestian7.9911.9519.94
11Scott DickinsonSeth Watkins7.0512.584.6519.63
12Rob WysongJason Groskreutz13.9003.7513.90
13Scott InmanJason McConnell7.054.7811.83
14Jeff LorenzenCameron Gilbert6.435.3511.78
15Jason MurrayShawn Starnes011.265.6511.26$210
16Dustin LanavilleJoe Choiniere08.468.46
17Bruce SukoJosh Kilmer6.23.787.01
18TJ MerrillDanny Pecka6.7904.446.79
19Tanya BrinksDan Rice4.5004.50
20Scott PiazzaSheela Standley000
20Jim ThomasDiane Thomas000

Congrats to all of the top finishers, including the winning team of Gemmill/McMannis.

1st place