Silver Lake 6-11-17

Silver Lake dished out two bags over 20-pounds in 2016, with numerous anglers coming very close to that weight to round out the top-5 finishers. Things might be a little different in 2017, but the lake is home to a very healthy largemouth bass population and we’re sure to see some big bags and impressive fish. With bluegill, crappie and perch as the main forage, anglers will be able to fish shallow and/or deep in order to fill their limits.

With the water level being higher than average, boaters are urged to remain vigilant when it comes to running around the lake on pad. The lighthouse rock island is covered with water, so approaching slowly is recommended. The south end also has numerous rock piles and islands, so play it safe and approach the south end with caution. Here are the details! (Below is a map marked with the largest widowmakers.)

Blast-Off and Weigh-In
Boats in the water: 4:20am
Driver’s Meeting: 4:35am
Blast-Off: Immediately following driver’s meeting
Weigh-In: 3pm
Five fish limit per angler
*Weigh-In bags provided

Expected Weather Conditions:
Saturday’s high: 70°F
Friday’s low: 42°F
Wind: North at 8 mph

Required Items for Boaters:
Proof of boat Insurance (Min. of 300k as stated in the by-laws)
Tournament banner for motor cowl
Safety gear (personal flotation devices, fire extinguisher, visual distress signal, sound producing device, navigational lights, etc)

For Emergencies On-The-Water:
If your boat is in distress, please flip your motor cowl banner from “green” to “orange”. The nearest competitor must seek to help the disabled vessel. Emergency contact to be provided before tournament blastoff.

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